How to change cPanel Password?

Dear Customers!
Most of support tickets are related to change password for cPanel. So, here is a tutorial which will guide you how to change cPanel password for your domain.

1. Log into the Client Area
2. If you have forgotton your password, you can reset your password by clicking on this link
3. Now click on Services button from top menu.
4. Click on My Services button and you will be redirected to the page where your purchased services will be available.
5. Here you will find the services you ordered with your domain name like "Webhosting - Unlimited Hosting", Click on the service you want to change the password .
6. Now click on he Change Password button in Actions Section in left sidebar.
7. Here you can change password of your hosting account. Always make your password strong by using both numbers and alphabets alongwith special characters.
8. Good Luck

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