How to set up name servers?

  1. Locate your nameserver IPs from your welcome email. If you no longer have your welcome email or it does not list them, please contact us or do the following:
  2. Login to WHM
  3. Go to Edit DNS Zone --> Edit your main domain (the one you signed up with.)
  4. Find the entry "ns" (usually at the top).
  5. In the last field of the "ns" entry will be the ns1.yourdomain.tld for example. Remember what the value is.
  6. Find the "A" entry for the "ns" value (ns1)
  7. Copy the IP address (
  8. Now go to your registrar and find their "Register nameserver", "Host summary", or "Nameserver setup". This section is called differently depending on the registrar, however, their all requesting the same information: Nameserver and IP.
  9. It may take anywhere from a few hours up to 72 hours for the nameservers to update globally.
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