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How do I change the ZamFoo License Keys? Print

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In order to change the ZamFoo License Key, you will need to edit the license key from the root SSH terminal. This can be accomplished by running the following command

nano /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/zamfoo/zamfoo_reseller_license_key.php

You will then see the following text

//Replace the words Enter License Key Here with
//your license key on LINE 15 below

//SOME....NOT ALL Correct EXAMPLES are Provided:

//Then hit 'control' key and the letter 'o' key at the same time(not number 0 )
//Then hit the 'enter' key to save the file
//Then hit 'control' key and the letter 'x' key at the same time to exit



Once your License Key has been changed, please enter "control" + "x" and choose the option to save

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