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Will you migrate my accounts for me? Print

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We will migrate up to 10 clients free of charge for any reseller client who signs up for any Reseller, Master Reseller and Alpha Reseller.
  • - cPanel Accounts with data above 2 GB will not be migrated
  • - There is no limit on the number of packages that can be migrated
  • - However, for Reseller Hosting, we will only be able to migrate packages with a maximum of 10 Accounts under it
  • - Packages with more than 10 Accounts will be charged based on the number of accounts that need to be migrated (Usually $1 per account)
  • - If you have an existing Reseller Hosting package, we wil not be able to migrate cPanel accounts for free into it
  • - We will only be able to migrate cPanel accounts to a new Reseller Hosting package
Customers purchasing a Shared Hosting Account are eligible for a free account migration.

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